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Universal Acceptance

Improving linguistic diversity online

Making all domain names work in all applications

Universal Acceptance (UA) is the idea that domain names and all email addresses should work in all software applications.

The early Internet was limited to the ASCII character set, and as first standardised, names in the Domain Name System were restricted to the Latin characters a-z, the digits 0-9, and the hyphen character “-”. The objective of UA is ensuring that non-Latin script domain names, including new Top Level Domains and Internationalised Domain Names, operate as successfully as those in the ASCII character set.

Unfortunately most IDNs, while registered in the DNS and available for resolution, do not work like older ASCII domain names. For people using domain names in their native languages, many websites are not recognizing them as valid email addresses, and people cannot complete their transactions.

In order for devices and systems to be truly multilingual, they must accept, validate, store, process and display all domain names. Until Universal Acceptance is achieved, it is not possible to provide a consistent and positive experience for all Internet users.