Second level IDNs

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At the second level, Han has replaced Latin as the most popular script, thanks to growth in second level IDNs under .cn (China) during 2016; next comes Latin (39%), scripts associated with Japanese language (combined Han, Katakana and Hiragana) (7%), and Hangul (associated with Korean language) (3%). All other scripts, including Cyrillic, Arabic, Devanagari (with hundreds of millions of speakers offline) represent 3% of second level IDNs.

Despite no longer being the most popular script, Latin script continues to represent a large proportion of second level IDNs in second level IDNs. This can be explained by the good fit between a Latin script IDN (usually with accents or diacritics) and an ASCII TLD, where ASCII is a subset of Latin script. For example, for Viet Nam, Germany, France, or Turkey, whose languages are based on Latin script, it makes sense to deploy IDNs at the second level under established ccTLDs (.vn, .de, .fr and .tr).