Registrar support

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Support by registrars is essential to getting IDNs into the marketplace, thereby driving user uptake. Each year, our survey asks registries to rate ‘how well are IDNs supported by your registrars?’ Between 2010-2012, registries were generally upbeat about registrar support for IDNs, with average scores comfortably above 3.4. This year, the average score has declined to its lowest level since our survey began, indicating that registries are slightly less satisfied with levels of support for IDNs by registrars than in previous years.

For the 2016 survey, there was a drop in the average score for this question to 2.5, compared with averages of 2.8-2.9 between 2013-2015.

25% of registries who responded to the survey told us that registrar support for IDNs was very good or exceeded their expectations. This represents an 8% decrease since last year’s survey, and is far below the highpoint of 65% in 2010.

This year, 29% of registries who responded used the two lowest ratings, more than double the results for these answers in the previous year (13%).