Top 20

Since 2014, this study has reported on the top 20 IDN spaces. The top 20 IDN spaces have consistently comprised 90% of all IDN registrations.  Five types of TLD are included in the top 20 IDN spaces. The relative positioning can be seen in the ranking, while analysis of the registration figures shows a typical long-tail pattern.

Top 20 IDN spaces

The top 20 by type of IDN

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Half of the top 20, and three of the top 5, are second level IDNs in ccTLDs, such as .cn, and .vn. Three of the top 20 are IDN ccTLDs, such as .рф (Russian Federation). Two are second level so-called legacy gTLDs (.com and .net).  Five of the top 20 are new gTLDs, of which three are top level .网址 (‘web address’), .рус (‘Russian’), and .公司 (‘business organisation’); and two are second level (.xyz and .top).


Looking at the relative positioning of the top 20 IDN spaces, 2016 saw more than 400% growth in second level IDNs under .cn, the Chinese ccTLD.  This brings China up to the top of the IDN spaces with more than double the number of registrations than second place, .com.

The positions of the next four largest IDN spaces, .com, .vn, .рф (Russian Federation), and .de remain unchanged since 2015.

New entries to the top 20 in 2016 are .рус (‘Russian’), .公司 (‘business organisation’), and .top.  Meanwhile, last year’s number 8 position, .网址 (‘web address’), lost more than 270,000 registrations during 2016.

The proportion of new gTLDs in the top 20 IDN spaces continues to increase, with 5 of the top 20 in 2016, compared with 3 in 2015.

.eu remains in the top 20, despite a drop of 3 places (from 17 to 20 in the rankings).


Numbers 2014-2016

Looking at the number of IDN registrations (both at second and top level) within the top 20, there is a typical long-tail pattern.  The 2016 results are somewhat skewed by the 400% growth under .cn during 2016, to 2.1 million registrations.  Four TLDs, .cn, .com, .vn and .рф have approximately 1 million registrations or more. Six TLDs have between 100,000-600,000 registrations.  The remaining 10 TLDs have between 45,000-85,000 registrations.