IDN growth

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There are an estimated 8.7 million IDNs (as of December 2016).

Between December 2015-2016 the growth rate of IDNs was 28%.  This compares with 9% between 2014-2015 and less than 2% growth in 2013-2014.

The contribution of .cn (2015-2016)

The spike in IDNs during the year 2015-2016 is significantly affected by .cn IDN registrations (second level), which grew by more than 400% from approximately 450,000 in 2014 (our most recent data point) to 2.1 million in 2016.   Discounting .cn, the overall growth rate of IDNs from 2015-2016 was 4%, less than in the previous 12 month period (9%).