Usage of .eu IDNs

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We analysed the percentage of .eu and .ею IDNs with active name servers or redirects, with the following results:

  • Highest rate of active nameservers for Latin script IDNs (45%, 77% if combined with redirects)
  • Lowest rate of active nameservers for Greek script IDNs (8%, 14% if combined with redirects)
  • Increase in active nameservers and redirects in Latin script during 2016 (an overall increase of 9% since 2015)
  • Improved rates of active usage (ie active nameservers plus redirects) across Greek and Latin scripts compared with 2015.

The figures for Cyrillic script combine .eu and .ею. When the .ею launched in June 2016, registrations were seeded by cloning over 1400 existing Cyrillic second level .eu domains.  If we discount the Cyrillic script domains at the second level under .eu, the overall active nameserver rate (including redirects) for .ею is 23%. While this is lower than for the second level Cyrillic script .eu domains, low active usage rates are consistent with a new Top Level Domain.