Looking back over several years of surveying universal acceptance once can come to a pair of conclusions: first, that the display of IDNs in content and in browsers is a problem that is on its way to being solved, and second, that IDNs as part of email or identifiers is a problem that seems intractable. This year we see continued and sustained progress in handling IDNs as content. However:

  • Internationalise email is still only possible in closed systems;
  • IDNs as part of user identifiers are almost never supported in popular online applications;
  • Support for IDNs in shared software libraries is gradually increasing (for instance, in Python) and this will mean a slow, gradual increase in support for UNICODE and UTF-8 in Internet applications;
  • Initiatives to build support for universal acceptance are still in their early phases, but there is promise for both outreach, monitoring and education; and,
  • The evolution of the Internet to include increased mobility and the Internet of Things will require advocacy for IDN universal acceptance in new areas far beyond the web browser and email client.