What single change?

Every year, our registry survey participants are asked what single change would improve uptake of IDNs. The responses are free-text, and no suggestions are given.

This year, we had 34 responses to this question, compared with 41 responses last year (2014). As in previous years, two broad themes come through from the responses: the need to improve universal acceptance, ie support for IDNs across browsers, email, and Internet applications, and the need for an increase in user awareness through marketing or price promotions. Other comments mentioned the need to have single script rather than hybrid IDNs, or highlighted limited potential for IDNs in their country or region, given the limited usage of particular languages.


There has been a marked increase in the percentage of those calling for universal acceptance since last year (68% compared with 49% in 2014).  This may partly be a consequence of the drop in responses between 2014 and 2015, but the actual number of registries highlighting universal acceptance as the key challenge has steadily increased each year since 2011.  It may be that opinions are being influenced by a greater availability of research, as well as initiatives such as the ICANN universal acceptance steering group.