How does the uptake of IDN registrations relate to your expectations?

Registry confidence in IDNs as a product is essential if IDNs are to thrive in the marketplace. Confidence in a product drives investment, likelihood of product promotions and can contribute to the long-term viability of a product.

During our 2016 survey, measuring opinions at December 2015, we had 45 responses to the question “How does the uptake of IDN registrations relate to your expectations?”. The number of responses is lower than the previous two years (54 and 56).



The period 2011-2015 has seen a decline in registries’ opinions about the level of uptake of IDNs in relation to expectations from a high point of 2.9 (2011), suggesting that confidence in IDN uptake is relatively lower than it was between 2010-2012.

The overall average score, 2.3 (out of a potential maximum of 5), indicates that registrations of IDNs are slightly underperforming compared with registries’ expectations. The average for 2015 is consistent with the previous two years (2013, 2014).

Only 6% of registries who responded to the survey told us that uptake of IDNs was very good or exceeded their expectations, 5% lower than the equivalent responses for 2014 (11%), and a long way below the high point of 30% for 2011.

At the other end of the scale, 22% of registries indicated that uptake of IDNs was below or far below expectations (an improvement compared with 28% for 2014).

A caveat in this qualitative survey is that the number of responses is low. Therefore, small changes in numbers can have a comparatively large effect on percentage differences.

Note that small corrections have been made to historical data presented, removing a few duplicate entries.  No major differences have come to light as a result of these corrections.