Script of IDNs

In total, we have found 6.8 million IDNs at December 2015, of which 67% are at the second level, and 33% at the top level. 

We have analysed the script of the 6.8 million IDNs. We present our results by three views:

The results show that use of Latin script for IDNs is lowest in full IDNs. This is not a surprising result, given that Latin script IDNs fit well within an ASCII TLD (eg .eu, .vn or .com), whereas the top level IDNs that have been created tend to be in non-Latin scripts, and usually support the same, single script across both second and top levels.

Another general observation across the three comparisons is that whereas Latin is the most popular script for IDNs across the whole data set, Han, Cyrillic and Hangul script are strongly represented in all three views.

On the script analysis for all IDNs, Latin script is the most popular, followed by Han and Cyrillic. All other scripts comprise only 10% of all IDN registrations, of which combined Han, Katakana and Hiragana (associated with Japanese language) 5%, and Hangul has 4%.