Facts and Figures

Every year, the IDN World Report research team publishes key facts and figures relating to IDN uptake.

  • The key numbers section shows the total number of IDNs, and IDNs as a percentage of all registered domains.  The total number of IDNs combines IDNs registered at the second level under an ASCII TLD, and at the top level (in IDN TLDs).
  • IDN growth tracks the growth of IDNs since 2009, and shows the relative proportions of second level and top level IDNs over time.
  • IDN levels explains the differences between top and second level IDNs, and states the proportion of top and second level IDNs at a point in time.
  • IDN by type tracks the growth of IDNs in ccTLDs and gTLDs.
  • What are the largest IDN registries? considers the TLDs with the most numbers of IDN registrations, both at the top and second levels.