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Media Latest

Domain Name Wire: The Chinese IDN top level domains have seen volatility in uptake over the last two years. The Chinese government had made moves to encourage popular use of Chinese IDNs, however Chinese IDN extensions have since been on a downward trend contrary to their efforts. [ref: Domain Name Wire]

News.eu IDNs

The .eю extension celebrated its fifth anniversary on 1 June 2021. Read about it at https://eurid.eu/en/news/five-years-cyrillic-extension/.


Emily Taylor, lead author of the IDN World Report will be presenting the findings of the 2020 study to the ICANN Middle East DNS Forum on 7 April 2020. Register here to join the sessions. UPDATE: Read our blog report here.

Oxford Information Labs is pleased to announce it has been awarded two studies for ICANN’s UASG which will focus on examining the status of universal acceptance in browsers and social media platforms.

IDN World Report Architect (Mark Robertshaw) presents a report commissioned by EURid looking at the level of Universal Acceptance provided by several email vendors - Email Address Internationalisation (EAI) Support.

ICANN’s UASG has published an exciting range of IDN research work for 2021 including Browser and Social Media application evaluation.


CCTLD.RU News: On November 11, 2020, the .РФ domain celebrated 10 years of open registration: exactly 10 years ago, domain registration in the first Cyrillic domain zone became open to the general public. Read more here.


Youtube: On 14 November 2019, EURid achieved a long-awaited milestone with the launch of .ευ (equivalent to .eu in Greek script) to support the Greek language.