.IN Registry to offer improved support and usability for IDNs in 7 scripts

India’s .IN Registry, NIXI, announced that it will offer better support for and improve usability of Internationalised Domain Names. The move is aimed at improving ‘the experience for all Registrars, increasing diversity and strengthening .IN’s space in India’s digital ecosystem.’  By introducing some technical improvements, NIXI will enable users to register, manage, and report on IDNs in the same language as the domain name.

Previously, NIXI’s users needed to know Punycode to translate IDNs into ASCII characters. Now, this step of encoding IDNs and mapping with the Punycode will be handled by the Registry instead of the end user. The .IN Registry will go live with a total of 15 Indian languages supported by seven scripts currently used in .Bharat IDN TLDs. In the near future this is set to expand to 22 languages – meaning all of India’s official languages will be supported. With a more user-friendly Registry portal that offers end-to-end language support, IDNs can be registered with the .IN Registry in their native script. This new technology can only be a good sign for wider IDN usage as well as support for India’s digital economy and internet users.