.eu IDNs

Following the growth of .EU IDNs

Introduction to .eu IDNs

In support of the European Union’s commitment to linguistic diversity, online as well as offline, EURid has consistently shown a deep commitment to supporting Internationalised Domain Names. EURid launched IDNs at the second level under .eu in 2009. The scripts supported are Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, reflecting the scripts of the current 24 official languages of the European Union.

EURid has implemented a ‘single script’ policy, meaning that each IDN domain name in the EURid stable is in a single script. On the launch of the .ею IDN TLD, EURid put in place plans for the migration of Cyrillic script IDNs, cloning 1 430 existing Cyrillic script second level .eu IDNs under the new TLD. Plans for the retirement of second level Cyrillic script IDNs under .eu were fully implemented by the end of May 2019, a three year migration window to minimise the disruption for existing users. The same approach is being adopted for the Greek script .ευ since its launch on 14 November 2019, as second level Greek script IDNs under .eu will gradually be retired within a three year period.