Script of IDNs

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Four scripts represent more than 90% of IDN registrations.  Many of the scripts supporting the world’s most spoken languages, including Arabic, Devanagari and Telugu, comprise a tiny proportion of overall IDN registrations.

We have analysed the script of the 9 million IDNs. We present our results by three views:

  • script of all IDNs,
  • script of second level IDNs; and
  • script of top level IDNs.

The results show that Han script (used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages) is popular across every category.  Latin script comprises 16% of second level IDNs, but are part of ‘other’ scripts, comprising less than 4% of top level IDNs. This is not a surprising result, given that Latin script IDNs fit well within an ASCII TLD (eg .eu, or .com), whereas the top level IDNs that have been created tend to be in non-Latin scripts, and often support the same, single script across both second and top levels.  Han and Cyrillic scripts are strongly represented at the top level, thanks to the sustained popularity of the Chinese and Russian IDN ccTLDs. This year, thanks to growth in the Korean IDNs, Hangul has grown to 8% of all IDNs.