Parking in IDNs

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Identifying low quality content

People often register a domain name when they first think of an idea for a new business or venture.  An active site may take months or years to take shape. During this period, the domain name may not resolve at all, or may point to a single page or parking site. Single page and parking sites are usually pro-forma with identical or similar wording. Parking sites are sometimes associated with pay-per-click activity to monetise web traffic.  In this study, we group single page and parking sites together (termed ‘parking’ sites) as evidence of low quality content, and eliminate these sites from further language analysis.

The research team identified as low-quality content, and eliminated from further study, the following:

·       Single page sites

·       Suspected parking sites (see detailed methodology)

On average the combined percentage of parking pages for IDNs in gTLDs was 81%.  Based on published data for our CENTR study in 2019, combined with the results for the .eu IDNs, indicated a suspected level of parking in the studied ccTLD IDNs of 43%.  

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In our data sample of gTLDs, the largest zone .com had a parking rate of 80%. The highest rate of parking was found in . 网址 (99%) and the lowest in .tokyo (46%).

The challenges of using IDNs (lack of universal acceptance) means that we would expect to find a higher level of parking than in traditional ASCII domain names. This is consistent with the results of our CENTR study in 2019.

The methodology explains in detail how the research team identified parking pages.