Results 2019

Each year, the research team conducts a short survey of industry opinions relating to IDNs.  Surveys are sent out early in the calendar years, measuring opinions and other metrics (such as registration data) for the December in the previous year.

In all, the results for the 2019 industry opinions survey (measuring opinions in December 2018) continue to show a decline in industry confidence levels, from a high point in 2011.

How does the uptake of IDNs relate to your expectations?

How well are IDNs supported by your registrars?

How would you rate end user awareness of IDNs?

What single change would improve uptake of IDNs?

Our 2019 registry survey response rate was 55 registries, consistent with response rates in recent years.  The survey represents a geographical balance of experts in ccTLD domain name management, thanks to the cooperation of regional ccTLD organisations.