What are the largest IDN registries?

Since 2014, this study has reported on the top 20 IDN spaces. The top 20 IDN spaces have consistently comprised 90% of all IDN registrations.  The relative positioning can be seen in the ranking, while analysis of the registration figures shows a typical long-tail pattern.

Across both top and second level registrations, the top 3 largest IDN spaces in December 2018 were:

.cn (second level)

.中国 (top level)

.com (second level)

Second level IDNs – the top 20

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The top 20 second level IDN spaces show a typical long-tail pattern.  Three TLDs, .cn, .com, and .de have more than 600 000 registrations after which the numbers tail off.  The .eu second level IDNs remain in the top 20, ranking at 11.  Note that the figures for .cn are an estimate based on 2016 data.

Top level IDNs – the top 10

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The top level IDN spaces again show a typical long tail pattern.  The two largest are the ccTLDs from China and Russia, which have been established since 2009-2010.  Others are more recently released new gTLD IDNs.  Note that the figures for .中国 have been updated for 2018.