Key Numbers

Approx 9 million IDNs (Dec 2018)

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The estimated number of IDNs grew by 20% during 2018, more than recovering from its -14% decline in 2017.  The largest impact for 2018 is due to a reported increase of 1.2m under .中国 (China) IDN to 1.7 m registrations. The Chinese registry, CNNIC, ceased publishing registration figures in early 2017, so our researchers have been unable to update the IDN numbers for second level IDNs under .cn and the top level .中国 — we use estimated figures based on an assumption of zero growth for those zones. Figures for second level IDNs under .cn remain unavailable, so it is likely that the 9m total is an under-estimate.

Excluding the impact of .中国, there was an increase of approximately 4% during 2018 (from 7.5 m to 7.9 m).

IDNs comprise 2.5% of the world’s domains

IDNs have consistently comprised approximately 2% of overall domain name registrations. In 2016, thanks to a growth in second level IDNs under the Chinese ccTLD, .cn, the percentage of overall domains was 3%. With a decline in IDNs at the second level under .vn (Viet Nam) in 2017 due to a change of registration policy, the percentage of global IDNs dropped back to 2%. With updated figures for .中国, the percentage has recovered to 2.5%.