Usage of .eu IDNs

We analysed the percentage of .eu and .ею IDNs with active name servers or redirects. Overall, we are observing that the use of redirects has been growing, particularly among Latin script second level IDNs. This may be a work around for the lack of universal acceptance – ie the historic unpredictable presentation of IDNs in browsers. The redirect capitalises on the meaning and memorability of an IDN for users (something remarked upon by the Russian registry in relation to redirects), while minimising the risks of poor rendering due to a lack of universal acceptance.

Latin script

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Second level Latin script IDNs represent the majority (88%) of IDNs under .eu. Rates of active name servers and redirects are also the highest among the three scripts offered (Latin, Cyrillic and Greek). Rates have remained consistent since 2016, with a combined active total of 73% comprising 42% active name servers, and 31% redirects.

Cyrillic script

Prior to 2016, Cyrillic script IDNs only existed at the second level under .eu. When the Cyrillic script .ею was launched in June 2016, all existing Cyrillic script second level IDNs were cloned to create equivalent domains under .ею. During a three year period, users were able to migrate their usage across to the single-script .ею.

The residual second level Cyrillic script IDNs under .eu were finally retired in May 2019. As a result, we are no longer reporting on active usage for those Cyrillic script second level IDNs.

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Of the 2 000 Cyrillic script IDNs under .ею, there is a combined active total of 17% comprising 10% active name servers, and 7% redirects.

Greek script

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The Greek script second level IDNs under .eu have consistently shown low levels of active use. In 2018, the combined usage was 11%, comprising 5% active name servers and 6% redirects.