World Map Growth of IDNs

The world map shows growth of IDNs since 2013.

There are two primary sources of data.  The gTLD data is derived from the open zone files, and shows the country of ‘A record’ associated with each gTLD IDN.  The ccTLD data is derived from annual questionnaires completed by the global ccTLD community.

The data has gaps. Not every ccTLD that offers IDN participates in the World Report questionnaire, and some do not complete the questionnaire every year.  The research team does not guarantee that it captures every single zone in the new gTLD space through ICANN’s web-based Centralised Zone Data Service (CZDS).

For gTLDs, the research team has in other projects found that different results are achieved from tracking the country of A record (from the zone files) and country of registrant (from the WHOIS data). As we do not have access to bulk WHOIS data for this project, we show the country of A record.  This will tend to overstate the numbers in countries which have strong international registrars – such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Cayman Islands.  It will therefore understate the results in countries where local people have chosen to register through international rather than local registrars.

Note that the results per country combine the results for gTLDs and ccTLDs.