An introduction to IDNs

The Internet has rapidly become integrated into our lives. In 2006, we marvelled that 1 billion people were now online. A decade has passed since then, and 2 billion more people now have access to the Internet.

Whereas the Internet is now near ubiquitous in North America and Europe, rates of Internet penetration are still below 50% in many parts of the global south. The next billions of Internet users will not be as familiar with Latin script and English language as their predecessors.

Research shows that domain names still play a key part in helping Internet users to navigate the web, through directly typing in a domain name into a browser, or by checking the address of search results before clicking, and sending and receiving email messages.

Those next billions of Internet users require an Internet addressing system that meets their needs – memorable domain names, which support languages they speak and understanding.

In this short introductory video, Emily Taylor (IDN World Report lead author) sets introduces this website.